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Remember Kaylee Chandler...This weekend at Milan Rodeo show your support for Kaylee and wear blue her favorite color.  Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.  If you would like to make a donation in memory of Kaylee please send checks to Kaylee Chandler Love Fund  Community First Bank  P.O. Box 407  Butler, MO 64730.


Futurity Fee's go up to $100.00 on June 1st.  If you plan on competing at the finals the Futurity fee has to be paid. 


A MRCA/URA approved judging clinic will be held at Moberly MO June 4th at 10:00am.  Anyone wishing to be an approved judge in either association is welcome to attend.

Central Entry Systems MRCA Guidlines

Contestants will have the option to enter online at www.rodeosportsnetwork.com or call in at 1-800-639-9002.
Entry times will be set by Stock Contractor with the majority of books being Monday 10-5 CST, week of the rodeo.  CHECK RODEO LISTINGS!
Information required for entering by phone:  Card # or last 4 digits of SS# of EVERY contestant you are entering.  Have this information BEFORE you attempt to enter.
Information required for entering online: RSN# of each contestant you are entering.  You will have to call Rodeo Sports Network to get your username and password for online access.
CES (Central Entry System) operators will issue a confirmation number for all confirmed entries, draw outs, changes/modifications to previous entries, etc.  It is the contestants responsibility to make sure they are issued a confirmation number.  ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED.  IN CASE OF A DISCREPANCY, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER.  CES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOOK UP ENTRY DISCREPANCIES WITHOUT A CONFIRMATION NUMBER.
NO SUSPENDED MEMBERS will be allowed to enter a rodeo until FINES are cleared by Association Secretary.
CURRENT CARD HOLDERS will have PRIORITY over previous members with expired cards or non-members.  HIGH SCHOOL CARDS and COLLEGE CARDS will have SAME PRIORITY as full card holders.
MINORS RELEASES will be required for all non-members under the age of 18.

You will not have to be the 1st to enter when the books open in order to get your preference.  IT WILL NOT MATTER WHAT TIME YOU ENTER.  EVERYBODY WILL GIVE PREFERENCES AND THE DRAW WILL BE PERFORMED ONCE BOOKS CLOSE.
 Rodeos that DRAW POSITIONS will allow BUDDY GROUPS.  An example of a BUDDY GROUP is 8 contestants in a BUDDY GROUP with a maximum of 4 per event.  Example: You may buddy up to 8 contestants in a group but only 4 of those 8 can be in the SAME EVENT.

In a DRAW POSITION rodeo with a Designated Slack, a BUDDY GROUP may be SPLIT if all events in the BUDDY GROUP are not offered in the Designated Slack. 
Example #1:  If you are in a BUDDY GROUP that has a Bareback rider, Bull Rider, Barrel Racer, and Team Roper…. If that BUDDY GROUP is drawn into the Slack and Bareback Riding is NOT offered in the SLACK then the BUDDY GROUP will be split.  Many times Contestants will try to buddy with a rough stock rider because they “THINK” they will be guaranteed a performance because there is no rough stock in the slack.  That is FALSE.
Example #2:  RODEO WITH DESIGNATED SLACK:  If you are in a BUDDY GROUP in which there are not enough contestants in some events to run SLACK, then you may be split.  SLACK WILL ONLY BE RUN ONCE PERFORMANCES ARE FULL.

In a DRAW POSITION RODEO your BUDDY GROUP will remain together (with the above 2 examples being the exception), however, you will remain together on the same day but may be split between performance and slack if slack is not designated and is run after the performance.  You will still be able to DRAW OUT and TRADE POSITIONS the next business day.
Again, in a DRAW POSITION RODEO, the time in which the contestant enters a rodeo, has NO RELEVANCE to position or priority. When entries close, each BUDDY GROUP will be assigned a random, computer generated priority number.  The draw will be generated from this PRIORITY list. 
BUDDY GROUPS that consist entirely of CURRENT CARD HOLDERS will have PRIORITY over a BUDDY GROUP that may have a previous member with an expired card or a non-member within the group.
Stock Contractors may take late entries at DRAW POSITION RODEOS but late entries CAN NOT be added to performances in which CURRENT CARDHOLDERS were moved out of their 1st preference.
Stock contractors will have the option to leave entries open in performances/events that are light after books close.
CES will continue to take entries for Stock Contractors until he/she notifies us to close entries and email books to Rodeo Secretary.
Late entries may be taken in events that Stock Contractor wishes to leave open.  In Timed Events: Tie Down roping, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ADDED TO THE TOP OF THE DRAW
 Late entries in Barrel Racing will be added at THE BOTTOM OF THE DRAW and may have to run without a drag.
ALL LATE entries will be taken through CES.  Stock Contractors and Secretaries may add late entries as per Association Guidelines but they must be entered through the CES.  This will prevent contestants from getting entered with a possible FINE.


Prime Performance Nutrition is one of our sponsors and this year they are giving our members a "Discount Code Program". This is a really great thing they are doing for our association. If you see Jeff or Amy Butler thank them for their support.

The Discount Program is really easy to use...you have to be a member and make your purchase online using the code. That's it! At the end of the year PPN will total the revenue made on MRCA's code. This will determine how much PPN will give our association in cash donation or free products.

If you already use their products or are going to in the future: private message the MRCA page, private message Anni John, or call Greg John or Jeff Butler to get the code. Please use this opportunity to support your sponsor AND save yourself some money when ordering their products.[Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Assoc's photo.]


About MRCA

MRCAWelcome to the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association.

The members of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association have built over the years an assoication that exemplifies itself in good family entertainment while providing venues for contestants to compete under the best of conditions with well trained judges. We strive to provide the best for our members, event cmmittes and our sponsors.

The MRCA has a proud history that began as a dream of some Missouri Cowboys and Cowgirls that wanted to see more rodeos produced in their home state. The first MRCA finals was held at the Missouri State Fair Arena in conjunction with the State Fair events in 1986.

The Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association has grown into a major force rodeo in the Midwest.

The MRCA has an annual membership of over 600 cowboys and cowgirls who compete in the 9 standard events of: Bareback, Saddle Bronc Riding,
Calf Roping,
Over 40 Calf Roping, Breakaway Roping,
Steer Wrestling,
Barrel Racing,
Team Roping, and
Bull Riding.

The top 15 contestants in each event qualify for the Year End Finals which are held this year in Lake St. Louis, MO at the National Equestrian Center Oct 13-15, 2016.
This of course is the showcase of the talented cowboys and cowgirls in Missouri for three exciting performances.

Upcoming Events - Schedule

2nd Annual Lance Porterfield Scholarship
Benefit Roping

Sunday, March 20, 2016


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